August #2 Finally arrived !

After doing all the administrative procedures, getting vaccinated, buying the last items that I needed, weighing a hundred times my suitcase not to overpass in the required weigh, I took my last chewing gum for a year and direction to the airport. I had a flight from Paris to Helsinki and then a flight from Helsinki to Singapore. When I arrived the conveyor belt for the luggage was broken. So once on the plane, we had to wait half an hour so they could put all the suitcases into the aircraft hold. Once we finally departed to take off, we had to go back to the terminal because they wrongly organised the luggage. So an hour late, we finally took off. The problem was that I was going to miss my connection to Singapore. Luckily, we were 69 on the plane that had the connection to Singapore, so the plane waited on us. When we entered in the second aircraft, everyone was angrily peering at us because of the delay we caused. The journey wasn’t starting very well.

But the tilting point arrived when landing in Singapore. After passing through immigration, I got my luggage directly and exited to meet my family living there (it is very reassuring arriving to a place where you know trusted people). We went to see the Changi’s waterfall which is truly impressive. My family told me that, in order to attract Singaporeans to go to this part of the island (where there is only the airport), they decided to build a mall and different attractions including the waterfall and apparently a slide. Singaporeans come now to the airport to go shopping and eating in the several restaurants there are. It was surprising to imagine that more than half of the people in the airport where not here to take a plane but just came as if it was a regular mall.

We then went to Yale-NUS College to leave my luggage and to IKEA to buy some furniture. Once this was done, we headed to Holland Village to have dinner. When we entered in the restaurant I could not understand a single word of what the waitress was saying. I asked my family if they were speaking in English and they explained me that they were speaking in Singlish. Singlish is the Singaporean English. They use it for informal discussions. It is regular English (spoken with a very strong accent) mixed with Chinese and Malaysian expressions. Well, the fact is that it absolutely didn’t sound English to me. The dinner was delicious. We ate some typical Chinese dishes (pork belly, duck, noodles, fish skin fried in salted egg yolk and kai lan or also called chinese brocoli). We then headed to have some ice cream and then back to Yale-Nus College. I met the other exchange people from Sciences Po and we chilled on the top floor of our buiding (the 23rd floor) enjoying the skyline view. Back to my room, I couldn’t fall asleep until 4 a.m. but hopefully I will adapt quickly.

avion changi waterfall arrival