September #1 Kuala Lumpur

After the first trip to Malaysia, it was time to see its capital city: Kuala Lumpur (aka KL). We went there on the weekend of the Malaysian national day. We took a night bus and we arrived quite early. We had some breakfast, made up an itinerary and headed to our first stop: the Petrona Towers or also the Malaysian twin towers. We took some group pictures and some Malaysian girls passing by asked us to also be in their pictures, it was a little bit strange but they were nice. We then headed to the other major skyscraper: KL tower. They made a little botanic garden along the path to get to the tower which was nice - even if you could tell that it was really improvised with plants in pots and plastic bags, but they seemed to have a large diversity of species.

Petrona,Towers Petrona Towers KL Tower

After this, we went to the most ancient mosque of KL. We met a volunteer guide that explained us a lot about the mosque’s history and Islam in general, traducing prayers and making parallels with the Bible. It was very interesting. Just next to the mosque, there was the Merdeka Square. It is where the former cricket competitions were held and most importantly where the Union Jack was taken down and replaced by the Malaysian flag for the first time. We then passed by the national mosque which was closed for prayers, so we went to have lunch in a sort of hawker center.

Ancient Mosque Ancient Mosque Merdeka Square
National Mosque National Mosque

We had the plan to go to the Bird Park which was recommended by our guidebook. To get there, we got lost a little bit but it enabled us to see the blue Mosque with its blue dome and stairs. When we finally arrived to the Bird Park, we realized that it was a huge park and we didn’t have the time (neither wanted to spend the money) to do it. So we went back to our airbnb, which had an amazing view, took a nap and then went out for dinner. We went to a very nice food court (Lot 10) that as a lot of stalls (there was too much to choose from) and it was delicious. We finished our day by going to a rooftop, which was actually a helicopter pad. Exceptional view, good music and some wine, it was great.

Lot 10 Rooftop Rooftop

The next day, we went to the Batu Caves, which are a series of caves and temples. At the entrance there is a huge golden statue. A funfact about these caves is that to make them more attractive for tourists, they painted all the stairs with different colours, to make people take pictures on them, put them on social media and make these caves famous (smart strategy). There were a lot of monkeys nearby. And you could tell that they were used to tourists: they stole the waterbottles, opened tem with their mouth and dropped them on the floor to drink the water. It was really impressive. The caves were beautiful (but very touristy).

Batu Caves Batu Caves Batu Caves Bus Station

We then came back to Kuala Lumpur to take our bus back to Singapore. We had the slowest driver you could imagine but finally arrived to Singapore and finished this great trip with some Thai food and my first mango sticky rice!